have heard several presentations concerning human trafficking but Stephanie’s presentation is the best.  As a Grandmother of five grandchildren, ages 2 through 9. I believe Stephanie’s approach to address the situation, by education, before it becomes a problem, is the best approach. I was very impressed with Stephanie’s presentation.     
~ P. Falke                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



I have been to two of Stephanie’s awareness presentations for human trafficking.  She is a very energetic, personable speaker who easily engages her audience. She is extremely knowledgeable concerning trafficking.  The subject matter is very sobering but she has a way of adding humor while still getting the point clearly presented. Stephanie easily adapts her presentation to what type of audience she is speaking to; parents or students.  She is an excellent awareness advocate for education, to prevent trafficking.   
~ D. Bordovsky



Stephanie Olson recently spoke at our FCA event and then at Paxton New Life Lutheran Church in Paxton, NE.  Her words at the FCA event were truly based on the word of God!  She was able to use her speaking talents to relate to and touch every life there that night.  The next morning in church, Stephanie took over the entire service.  Her musical talents  and amazing voice made a lasting impact on the way our congregation worships.  Her message that morning was as if she knew exactly what we needed.  She seemed to have been a member of our congregation for years, even though we had only just met the day before.  Her words uplifted and rejuvenated our entire congregation.  We will definitely  have Stephanie Olson come back to Paxton to help further spread the true Word of God!

~ D. Schroeder


It is a great privilege to recommend Stephanie Olson to you as a speaker. Stephanie and her husband Eric have been an active part of [our church] for many years. Stephanie has spoken in our worship serves and served as an adult teacher and a deacon, as well as a member of our music ministry. Stephanie has also pioneered Set Me Free Ministries and blessed our entire community with several women's events.

Stephanie's spiritual life is active and vibrant. She is really a role model at our church for vulnerable but positive spiritual growth. She is a great wife, mom and most of all servant of Jesus.

As a communicator Stephanie excels. Her talks are Bible based but life focused. She communicates the truth of God's Word in a way that makes life application obvious. Her humor and her illustrations are always right on the mark and used to undergird her central ideas.

I recommend Stephanie to you as a speaker and a Christian of high character without ANY hesitation. If I were hiring a speaker for any adult event Stephanie would be at the top of my list; I hope she will be on yours.

~ S. Christiansen



Stephanie Olson is a woman of uncompromising faith and integrity who has a passion for seeing lives set free through the power of Jesus Christ.  She is an inspiring speaker who has the ability to challenge others to move forward in their spiritual journey, and find freedom from strongholds that so often prevent us from experiencing God’s best in our lives.

Stephanie’s love for others is evident through her ability to minister and connect with people from all walks of life.  She is genuine, transparent, and very knowledgeable of God’s Word.  


Having had the opportunity to attend events where Stephanie has been the key note speaker; knowing her on a personal level; and serving alongside of her at times, I would strongly recommend her to any group seeking a Christ-centered speaker for their event.
To God be the glory!
~ C. Norman