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Stephanie is a sought after speaker on the subject of women, youth, human trafficking, and nonprofit business. Stephanie currently runs two nonprofit organizations, writes and develops the curriculum for Set Me Free Project, and trains the current speakers to speak to youth with an interactive and engaging approach.

Originally, in the customer service field for many years, she learned how to run a business, manage employees, and deal with customers, both wonderful and difficult. A glutton for punishment, Stephanie moved into the nonprofit sector. After starting, and running, two nonprofits, Stephanie has learned the importance of collaboration, not competition in the nonprofit sector, mastering crisis situations, and gaining an understanding of "what not to do.” Now she desires to help others in the nonprofit sector be successful and make a difference.

Stephanie now speaks to women, youth, and men all over the United States, Stephanie can speak to your corporate or Christian audiences. In her straightforward yet humorous manner, Stephanie inspires, educates, and brings hope everywhere she speaks.



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