Consulting and Website Development

Corporate/Nonprofit Consulting and Website Development

Human resources and team development is a critical factor in a well functioning, successful nonprofit. Strong leadership and excellent teamwork are essential for high performance in any organization. Good teamwork is essential in all organizations. It signifies that:

  • people are working toward a shared mission and common goals
  • people are working in their giftings, complementary roles, and in cooperation with each other

Organizations are much more likely to perform well when their people work effectively as a team.
As well as enhancing organizations’ performance, good teamwork benefits individuals too. It enables mutual support and learning, and can generate a sense of belonging and commitment.

Often leadership teams struggle to see things that are obvious and necessary in their organization because they are so focused in their everyday operations – it's easy to take for granted something you see all the time. This is where it is useful to have a fresh set of eyes looking at your people management processes to determine what is needed to take your business further.  Stephanie Olson can offer objective, unbiased opinions and will share with you other business stories, success and ideas.

The goals for consulting are:

  • enhancing staff performance
  • developing staff skills
  • retaining key employees
  • improving staff / leadership effectiveness

Consultation can include:

  • conducting staff and board interviews
  • reviewing past applications and resumes
  • assessing past problem areas in staffing
  • providing a report on assessment
  • creating or reviewing job descriptions for all business positions
  • designing and placing job advertisements
  • conducting candidate resume and telephone screening
  • assisting in the interviewing of candidates
  • giving advice on tailoring a salary

Taking a church ministry into the world of nonprofits:

It can be a challenge to take a successful church ministry out of the church and into the nonprofit sector. Stephanie can help your ministry walk through the process of taking your ministry to the next level.

Website Development

A quality website is important for visual professionalism, increased traffic, and an easy way for clients to connect with your organization. Stephanie Olson can create a professional website to fit the needs of your organization.  

enhanced presence
increased traffic to your site
a professional look
increased communication with clients
consistent updating on your website

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